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  • meat grinder

    The meat grinder is a meat processing enterprise in the production process, the raw meat is according to different process requirements. Processing granular meat with different specifications to facilitate thorough mixing with other excipients The needs of different products. The meat grinder is ...
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  • New way to eat Oreos

    New way to eat Oreos

    Let me try a new way of eating Oreos. Step 1: Use C325 to Chop up your cookies. Then set aside 4 tbsp crushed cookies to use as decoration. Step 2: Mix the crushed Oreos with melted butter and separate between four glasses or serving dishes. Refrigerate while you prepare the filling.   Step 3: I...
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  • Ourok kitchen tools – vegetable slicer and cutter

    Ourok kitchen tools – vegetable slicer and cutter

    For many girls, kitchen tools have a special magic. Always searching the kitchen tools for making the delicious food. Today, Let me introduce Ourok vegetable slicer and cutter, to help you cut the foods beautiful enough like a professional chef. ...
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  • What Is the Mandoline Slicer?

    What Is the Mandoline Slicer?

    A kitchen mandoline slicer is a tool that is used by professional and home cooks for cutting vegetables, fruit and other foods. The mandoline slicer has extremely sharp blades. The blades make precise cuts making the food easier to cook and use for appealing meals and di...
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