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Kompaniya Profili

Ourok is an innovative business specializing in kitchenware and houseware. We have many production lines, such as fruit juicers, food choppers, vegetable slicers, noodles machines etc. Special for modern families working on a better life.

Every new product will be kept tracking and mass data will be collected from users. Excellent design team make improvements according to user’s feedback. Finally, real utility models will be sold across the world by our strong sales team.

We choose best forwards as our partners, such as Fedex, Ups, DHL etc. No fastest, but faster.

Mahsulot sifati bizning qattiq ishlab chiqarish va taftish qoidalariga ko'ra bizning ortdi tomonidan nazorat hisoblanadi.

Ourok is my brand, She symbolizes safety, quality and fashion.My products are hot-selling in China. I’m not just a product sale, it’s quality and life, it’s love and responsibility, it’s dream and future!

Ourok, set up a dream home.

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